for my final trick, i shall turn into a disappointment

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Birthday selfie 🐙🎈#dreadlocks #girlswithdreadlocks

Birthday selfie 🐙🎈#dreadlocks #girlswithdreadlocks

Birthday present from @chris_d20 ❤️ love them and you☺️ thank you so much. #spirals #dreadlocks #girlswithdreadlocks


heard you werefuck

heard youagh

heard you wjesus gimme a secargh

heard you were talking shit

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Cookware has never been more exciting.

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But- but cookware is exciting…

…I was just raving to my friend about my new electric kettle earlier today.

I love new cookware. :(

Hell, I get excited buying jeans. Like FUCK YEA MY ASS LOOKS BEAUTIFUL IN THESE NEW JEANS excitement lol

When I got my 50ish dollar vacuum that was made for picking up pet hair I was so excited. I still get excited. y’all don’t understand. Most pet hair vacs are more than 80 dollars. If you have a pet and don’t get a pet hair vac, you vacuum will die and ugly death even after your ex boyfriend has performed emergency surgery to remove the clogs.

oh my God, and I adore my counter top dishwasher. If you hate doing dishes you need one. they will change your life.

…and everywhere is fucking loud okay.

I got excited over buying a vacuum.

I got excited over buying CUTLERY and POTS/PANS.

I hate dividing the check if I have enough money to cover the bill and like avoid the mess.

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'Black Magic', Ink and digital 2014.  I’ll be releasing prints of this towards the end of next week during the ‘100 Cats’ exhibition.

Happy Friday!

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I seriously just got these messages and I couldn’t thank my lucky stars enough to have found someone like the guy I have now😍

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